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Sensitive information leak via Referrer header

Sensitive information (ex: password reset token) leak via Referrer header

Example :

  • Request password reset to your email address
  • Click on the password reset link
  • Dont change password
  • Click any 3rd party websites(eg: Facebook, twitter)
  • Intercept the request in burpsuite proxy-
  • Check if the referer header is leaking password reset token.

Source :

nOtWASP bottom 10: vulnerabilities that make you cry

  1. Autocomplete=off not set
  2. Missing httponly flag
  3. Tabnabbing
  4. Missing security headers
  5. Ex-XSS
  6. CVE-XXXX Unspecified vulnerability in unspecified component
  7. CSV Injection with no impact
  8. Missing rate-limit/CAPTCHA
  9. Useless information disclosure (ex: Apache version)
  10. Excessive concurrent sessions

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