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Social media intelligence

Social media intelligence (SOCMINT) refers to the techniques and technologies that allow someone to monitor social media networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter.

SOCMINT includes monitoring of content, such as messages or images posted, and other data, which is generated when someone uses a social media networking site. This information involves person-to-person, person-to-group, group-to-group, and includes interactions that are private and public.



View tweets of suspended Twitter account

  1. Visit
  2. Search for cache:



On Twitter, you can change your @username as many times as you like but your ID will remain the same. So, if you have someone ID, you can track his account even if they change their username.

@username to Twitter ID :

  • Enter the username on this website

Twitter ID to @username :

  • Example with @elonmusk :


Information lookup



Google account

  • - GHunt is a modulable OSINT tool designed to evolve over the years, and incorporates many techniques to investigate Google accounts.

Phone number